Experience List

1. The Don Valley Power Project (originally known as Hatfield)


CPP was responsible for the financial modelling of the Don Valley IGCC/CCS Project from the project's early days in 2002 until May,2011 when 2CO Energy Ltd. acquired the original developer, Powerfuel Power Ltd. Following 2CO Energy's purchase of the project CPP licensed the model to them for a further period.


The model, which had developed as the project evolved, formed part of the submission of the project into the EU's NER300 Competition. In July, 2012 the European Commission announced that Don Valley currently led the NER300 funding contest for carbon capture and storage projects.


During the period in which CPP was involved in Don Valley we not only developed the financial model for the project but were also responsible for making financial presentations to a number of parties including what was then the UK government's Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and The Treasury.


2. Rockland Capital Energy Investments Limited (Rockland)


CPP provided financial modelling services in support of Rockland's acquisition, in April 2004, of approximately 65% of the US$ Fixed and Floating Rate Notes issued by Teesside Power Financing Limited in July. 1999.


3. ETS Limited


In autumn,2003 CPP provided financial modelling services to ETS in support of the development of a biomass project. This work was carried out for John Seed and Adrian Bowles who subsequently created Helius Energy plc and resulted in CPP entering into an agreement with Helius Energy in 2009 (see below).


4. Tynagh Energy Limited (TEL)


Following TEL's successful bid to develop an IPP for the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) in Ireland in autumn, 2003 CPP was appointed to provide financial modelling services to assist TEL in the detailed development of the project including the development of the financing structure. The project was a 400MW CCGT project underpinned by a Capacity and Differences Agreement that TEL signed with the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) of Ireland.


5. Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP)


As part of a consortium CPP provided financial assessments of 30 tenders for project financial support that were submitted to WRAP in late 2005.


6. DTI's Cleaner Coal Technology R&D Programme


The DTI provided a contribution to the funding of a study with the title, "Impact of CO2 Removal on Coal Gasification Based Fuel Plants" carried out by a consortium led by Jacobs Consultancy UK Limited and including E.ON UK plc, Watergrid Limited, Mitsui Babcock, CPP, University of Nottingham and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) of the USA.


The primary objective of the study was to develop the technical and economic information required to evaluate the feasibility of utilising coal based syngas to refuel existing natural gas fired CCGT plants while having the capability to remove 85% of the CO2 prior to combustion.


CPP were responsible for the financial modelling neccessary to price the syngas from four alternative plant configurations and the preparation of the economics section of the final report which was published in February, 2006.


7. Helius Energy Plc


Helius Energy is a biomass project development company.


In May, 2009 CPP entered into an agreement with Helius Energy to provide financial modelling services to support the development of its growing portfolio of biomass projects.


The two main projects supported were the Helius CoRDe project, a 7.2MWe Net Capacity CHP project, and the 100MW Avonmouth project.


CPP's agreement with Helius Energy for ongoing modelling support was terminated in summer, 2012 following the sale of the Avonmouth model to Helius.